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News, updates and information from around the world.


Baptisms in Burundi

Thank God for His good work among us! Recently, after several days of preaching and outreach, 53 new members were baptised in Burundi. November 2017. We pray that the Lord of the harvest will continue to mentor and send more labourers into the mission field.

December 2017  The International Ministerial Congress recently held its first Global Church Administration subcommittee meeting. Connected via video conference, committee members discussed the mandate and sought clarity for the resolution taken at the Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2016. The resolution reads as:

WHEREAS the Church of God (Seventh Day) exists in many nations of the world and is growing into more nations of the world; WHEREAS the Church of God (Seventh Day) is organized in or among these many nations as local congregations, districts, and national or regional conferences; and WHEREAS these conferences are affiliated together as members of a ministerial organization – the International Ministerial Congress, but they are not affiliated as members of a global Church of God (Seventh Day) organization because a global Church of God (Seventh Day) organization does not yet exist; therefore, BE IT RESOLVED that the Officers of the International Ministerial Congress appoint a committee to prepare a plan for the creation of a global Church of God (Seventh Day) organization, said plan to be presented and discussed for possible adoption during the IMC 2020 meeting. CARRIED.

IMC Annual Sabbath

The Annual IMC Sabbath this year was a great success, with testimonies, photos, videos and reports - all reflecting a great joy and unity of spirit in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your prayers and petitions. Thank you for your work and shared walk of faith.


Hurricanes and Earthquake

With two hurricanes hitting the Caribbean and the southern states of the US, and a major earthquake in Mexico, we thank God for the protection he provided.

No lives were lost among our fellowship. While the area in St Martin was affected by the worst of the storm, their church building remained largely unaffected. Several church buildings, however, were damaged in the Mexico earthquake.

Thanks to all who so generously contributed to the Disaster Relief Fund, as well as other donations designed to assist those in greatest need.


Shine Mission Peru 2017

The Shine Medical and Dental mission in Lima, Peru, has now concluded, with doctors, nurses and volunteers giving of their time and skills to provide essential medical help to 3045 people for free. The entirety of the mission involving outreach and evangelism is planned to minister there over the next three months.

We thank God for the work and planning in bringing these services to Peru, and for all those dedicated to helping. (See more photos in our Facebook feed below).

Mizoram, India

Golden Jubilee

The church in Mizoram, northern India, celebrated it 50th anniversary in February 2017. Many travelled throughout the mountainous region to be at the celebration, featuring a variety of speakers, music and dance, various presentations, the tolling of an anniversary bell, amidst a vibrant optimism for the ongoing work in the ministry of reconciliation throughout the region and the world.



From Yangon in Myanmar, nine students graduated from the Asian Theological Seminary in February 2017. Pictured above just prior to the graduation, the students upon completing their three year course, were deployed into ministry throughout Myanmar. Seven baptisms were also celebrated during the graduation weekend.

Worthy is the Lamb

Worthy is the Lamb

The Church of God (Seventh Day) in the USA met for their biennial Convention in Springfield, Illinois in July 2017. Members enjoyed fellowship meals together, inspiring evening services with the theme "Worthy is the Lamb", and progressively worked through the General Conference business agenda. Pictured above: the children's choir which featured numerous songs flavoured with an Egyptian theme.


Congress held in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The International Ministerial Congress of the Church of God (Seventh Day), represented by over 100 delegates from 44 countries, met in Buenos Aries, Argentina, on 10-16 October 2016.

The Congress’ purpose is to promote doctrinal unity, to help coordinate world evangelism, and to provide theological training, literature and assistance to missionaries. Business concluded with a mandate of work to be completed by the next Congress in 2020. 


Ongoing Business of Congress

The work of the IMC continues every week, with our elected officers meeting reguarly via video conference, and communicating daily via email. Pictured above is brother Daniel Flores translating betweek English and  Spanish.

Now with various sub-committees underway, the congress activites are on schedule for the next Congress meeting in 2020


Europe Meeting

A complex continent, Europe presents big challenges for the Church in proclaiming the good news: post-modern thinking, lack of religious commitment, slowing economies, and more.

Delegates from eight countries (Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, and the UK) convened in Gloucester, England, September 19-20, 2016. Representatives from Mexico, Nigeria, and the US were also present. The purpose of this gathering was to strengthen relationships among brethren in Zone 7, learn from one another, and seek solutions for greater collaboration. This memorable event combined worship and fellowship to improve carrying out evangelism, discipleship, and service for the glory of God. 


Celebration in Guatemala

Sabbath, March 21, 2016, a meeting with the prominent churches of the country was celebrated at the Cementos Progreso Stadium in Guatemala City, with the theme “One Lord, One Faith.” More than ten thousand attendees participated in this historical event. Elders Ramon Ruíz and Carlos Ceron preached the Word of God: “The Unity of the Church: Origin and Purpose” and “The Church: One Nation With a Mission.” This great worship event, focusing on the communion and unity of God’s people, was covered by a local newspaper and published the following day. 


Snapshot Africa

In this stricken nation last year, our CoG7 brethren in Sierra Leone fought the Ebola epidemic (with the help of $60,000+ from the G. C. Disaster Relief Fund), planted and harvested their second annual rice crop, and maintained a thriving Orphans and Widows ministry.

Other West African nations in which the Church is established or has done mission work: Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, and Nigeria Southern Africa. In Angola CoG7 efforts began here in December, with Daniel Santos as leader. In Botswana,Robert Crawford and brothers from Zimbabwe conducted evangelistic efforts in Francistown in mid-2014. In Zambia: Robert Crawford and Tom Benzen visited here midyear; Orphans and Widows ministry sponsored seven young adult trainees to operate heavy equipment and various agricultural projects to help the church sustain itself. CoG7 is also active in Malawi, Zimbabwe, and South Africa East Africa. InEthiopia, Makuey Gai and Kun Bijany partner on a church plant in Gambella, where John Njogu of Kenya visits and baptizes seven. In Rwanda, John Njogu and Alexandre Masumbuko of Burundi travel here to resolve church leadership issues.
South Sudan Disaster Relief support was sent and government registration for the church was secured in 2014. And, Tanzania bore fruitful evangelistic crusades from when they were held last year.


Snapshot Asia

In the city of Faisalabad. Pakistan, CoG7 has constructed and opened a Bible seminary. Classes began August 10, with more than 70 ministry students expected. Shamas Pervaiz leads the church here with support from G. C. Missions.

In India, Orphans and Widows ministry is also active here. Pastor Jacob Rao, who serves as general secretary of India’s 250 CoG7 congregations.

In Myanmar, the Asian Christian Theological Seminary is in its second year, with eleven students under the tutelage of Tluang Kung (M.Th.). Trained leaders  increase CoG7’s ability to reach this Buddhist nation with the good news.

The Muslim and Buddhist countries of Malaysia and Thailand, respectively, the CoG7 is beginning work among refugees from Pakistan and Myanmar.

Under Pastor Billy Abugan’s leadership, the Church in the Philippines reports 79 churches in this mostly Catholic nation. Bible Training Institute equips pastors and leaders here, and translation of This We Believe is underway. Outreach opportunities also exist in Nepal, Bhutan, U.A.E., Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. Pray for more workers!

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