Congress in session

15-20 November 2021

The International Ministerial Congress of the Church of God (Seventh Day) is planning to host its quadrenniel congress session in Port Harcourt, Nigeria,
on 15-20 November 2021.

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The quadrenniel session of the International Ministerial Congress of the Church of God (Seventh Day) is being planned to be held in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, on 15-20 November 2021

Quick facts...

Ready information for the IMC congress in session.

  1. DATES - The quadrenniel IMC congress in session is being planned to be hosted on 15-20 November 2021. A schedule of planned events will be available soon. (Please note that the date has been postponed from the 2020 date because of the uncertainty and risk of COVID-19.
  2. WHERE - Plans are currently underway to host the congress for the first time in Zone 5, on the African continent. The IMC congress in session will be held in Port Harcourt in Nigeria
  3. AGENDA - It is anticipated that information on the congress agenda will be available soon. This will be sent by email, as well as be available for download here.
  4. COST - Cost per delegate is still currently being worked out. Estimates of $850 to $1200 USD have been suggested. More infomation soon.
  5. THEME - The theme of this quadrenniel congress in session is "Equipped for the Global Mission"
  6. FINANCE - Please ensure your national conference is allocating funds to send a Representative Delegate and an Alternative Delegate for this year's congress in Nigeria. Please do not reserve air tickets yet.
  7. OBSERVERS - An Observer may attend the congress in session and is not entitled to participate in voting or deliberations. Applicants must obtain the written approval from their national conference president, and pay the full registration fee.
  8. VACCINATION - Ensure you have consulted with your local doctor for vaccination advice. Yellow Fever vaccination is mandatory for entry to Nigeria.
  9. COVID-19 - Information regarding this pandemic virus is continually being assessed and updated. Please see our information page.
  10. VISAS - Visas are available for all delegates arriving in Nigeria due to special arrangements with the Nigerian government.
  11. REGISTRATION - The deadline for all registrations to be received is by 1 May 2021

Start planning now, as the Lord wills.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Every four years the International Ministerial Congress meets in a designated world location, bringing together representative delegates of up to 60 countries.

Countdown until 16 November 2020:

Equipped for the Global Mission!