IMC Annual Sabbath Resources

A variety of downloadable resources that may be utilised throughout conferences and local churches.

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This year's IMC Annual Sabbath celebration on 4 November 2023 will be a special milestone for those of us cherishing our journey in Christ within the Church of God (Seventh Day) around the world.

This year's theme is "Equipped for the Global Mission by the Power of the Holy Spirit". Join in the prayers, songs and inspiring messages. Give generously as we share in the great commission to make disciples for Jesus. 
IMC Annual Sabbath

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IMC Annual Sabbath

The IMC Annual Sabbath also provides the opportunity for the Church of God (Seventh Day) around the world to unite in prayer. Many of the challenges we face today are only mitigated by sincere and dedicated prayer. May we be encouraged to come before our Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name, not only to receive our requests, but in this age as a faithful community be preservers of His grace and truth and reflectors of His light until Jesus returns.
Download letter in PDF format

IMC Annual Sabbath

Download offline video

Download video

Download HTML5 offline video for local church use for the IMC 4 Nov 2023 event.

If video wants to play in the web browser, stop player, and click on the three little dots on the lower RHS of the web browser, and choose to Download and save to your computer for playback later.


Equipped for the Global Mission

Introduction to the IMC Annual Sabbath on 4 November 2023, of "Equipped for the Global Mission." Presented by IMC President, Ramon Ruiz 7 min. (To download using Edge or Chrome, click on the three dots in the LRH corner.)

Messageweek Media Ministries

Interview with Ramon Ruiz

Interview with Ramon Ruiz, president of the International Ministerial Congress of the Church of God (Seventh Day) 10 min.

PDF Banner

Download PDF

10 Point Vision Banner

This banner measures 1350x900mm and as a PDF may be printed on a vinyl banner or similar for display in your local church.

BA Magazine

BA Online Website

Bible Advocate magazine

The Bible Advocate has been published by the Church of God (Seventh Day) for 160 years. Order your free copy, or download the PDF version.

IMC Annual Sabbath 4 November 2017

Download MP4

Slideshow MP4

Download (right-click and choose the SAVE option) slideshow of selected images from the Church of God (Seventh Day) around the world. This MP4 format video is easily downloadable at 110 megabytes in size. It may also be viewed as a YouTube embedded video.

World Flags

Download ZIP

Flags from 44 IMC members

Need a flag for use on the IMC Annual Sabbath, 4 November 2017? Download this ZIP file and extract 44 flags in JPG format.

Pull-up banner

Download PDF

Pull-up Banner

Take this PDF artwork to your local print shop. Measuring 2000x850mm, this banner is ideal for sharing the IMC's Ten Point Vision of "Who We Are".

Pull up banner

Download PDF Prepress Artwork

Pull-up banner

This banner in Spanish may be downloaded and taken to your local printer. Measuring 2000x850mm, it is ideal for sharing the church's 10 Point Vision of "who we are".

Prayer Points

Download PDF English
Download PDF Spanish

Prayer Points

Prayer is the life of the church. It's those deep moments of private communion, and those we share collectively before the throne of Grace. Here are some essential prayer points that may help your local church join our international day of generosity in prayer and petition.

Ten Point Vision Artwork

Download JPG

Ten Point Vision

Handy artwork that might assist your local church's PowerPoint presentation.

IMC Member Nations

Download PDF English
Download PDF Spanish

IMC Member Nations

Share this list of 63 countries throughout our growing global community. Countries marked by an "*" are churches in development.


Download PDF Spanish

Bylaws, Spanish

Spanish download in PDF the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the International Ministerial Congress.

Pull-up banner

Download PDF English

Bylaws, English

English download in PDF the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the International Ministerial Congress.

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